Manage risk and stay compliant, within Zoom

Data governance, information protection, risk management and communications compliance across the Zoom platform.


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Customers trust Zoom for compliance and information protection today

Zoom provides compliance and information protection for enterprise customers within regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and the public sector through integrations with key compliance providers today.

With Zoom Compliance Manager, we are giving our customers seamless buying, centralized management, and simplified support experiences with an end-to-end solution that addresses their compliance needs across the Zoom platform.


Archiving and Compliance

Maximize your Zoom usage and meet regulatory and long-term record retention requirements with automatic capture for meetings data, AI summaries, phone recordings, team chat, whiteboard content,and more.



Discover insights across the Zoom platform via a user-friendly interface, facilitating easy access to communication archives and offering the ability to analyze, evaluate, and effortlessly export content.


Legal Hold

Capture and hold communications of specific individuals and manage cases through custom workflow, case management, and data export requests when legally mandated.


DLP and Risk Detection

Additional data security risk detection and mitigation features coming soon.